by Neale Eckstein

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Compilation of songs written and co-written by Neale Eckstein performed by the co-writers and a very talented group of musicians.


released March 13, 2014

Produced and recorded at Fox Run Studio, Sudbury MA
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works, Cambridge MA



all rights reserved


Neale Eckstein Boston, Massachusetts

Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Photographer, Songwriter and makes excellent peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Neale has recorded dozens of singer/songwriters at his Fox Run Studio. This project combines all of his passions. Thirty-four musicians play and sing on this CD. ... more

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Track Name: Buskin & Batteau with Tom Rush - One Month Crazier
Spent last night half sleeping in my car / Another Hollywood night in the life of the big old traveling star / Truck stop shower is gonna have to do, again
Tonight I might make five hundred bucks or ten
Three months on the road, each time feels longer than last
My son just cut his first tooth, seems like life is flashing by so fast
I tucked him in last night, on another crackling telephone line
With a kiss goodbye as I drove past my exit sign / Played a show with another road dog / she said she’s coming up on month number two
I said “I guess that makes me one month crazier than you”
Woke up Sunday morning in a proper bed / A good friend with a spare room and a decent bottle of red / Says he wants to sell the place, now that he’s alone
He’s got two wives down, both his kids are grown
His last girlfriend left him, back a month or two
I said “I guess that makes me one month lonelier than you”
It used to just be just me and my guitar / Ninety days and ten thousand miles, it didn’t seem that far / Now sunlight’s blinding off the trees, and last night it snowed
And I’ve seen more deer than cars on this endless road
Just called my baby, and we talked for a minute or two
I said “When I get home I’m gonna be one month crazier for you”
Just a little bit longer, until this tour is through
Then I’ll be coming home one month crazier for you
Because I’ll be coming home one month crazier for you
Track Name: Bethel Steele - One Friend
I was that kid / Who watched from a far
Alone in the bleachers / For the homecoming game
Wondering if I would ever have friends
If I’d ever find love / If I’d ever escape the blame
Awkward and smart / Clothes didn’t quite fit
Hair a little too short / And that’s a bad combination
A bad combination / At fourteen, the world can seem so cruel
You were that kid / Who made it look easy
You walked with your head up / Doors opened wide
You called me your pal / Showed me respect
You made me laugh / When I wanted to cry
You had my back / When you should have been running
When the bullies came calling / You stood by my side
You stood by my side / At fourteen, the world can seem so cruel
Sometimes all it takes is one friend in your corner
Someone cheering for you, who’ll take your side
Just when you think that life ain’t getting better
That one friend will help you get by / At fourteen the world can seem so cruel
The years, they have passed / And I’m doing fine
Sometimes I stumble / But I walk with pride
When I think back / To those handful of years
I don’t know that I’d of made it / If you hadn’t been there
At fourteen, the world can seem / At fourteen, take it from me
At fourteen, the world can seem so cruel
Track Name: Click (I've Got a Camera)
I’ve got a camera, can I take your picture? Bet I can get you to smile
I’ll just keep snapping ‘til it makes you giggle, Yeah, I’ve been at this a while
Not gonna put you on the cover of a magazine
Not gonna splatter you across a tabloid
They’re just for you and me
You say you hate every single picture ever taken of you
I like a challenge, if you give me, just a minute or two
It’s just a camera, it’s not a loaded gun
Just let your guard down for a minute, and try to have some fun
You know you’re beautiful. Well, it’s true, any damn fool could see
You’re doing great ! You’re camera shy? I find that hard to believe
Look how the sunlight is streaming through your hair
That smile you’re flashing, look around, you’re making people stare.
CLICK - eyes close, CLICK - boring, CLICK - too posed, CLICK - photo bomb
I live in Boston, sure, it’s gorgeous, but I could live without the cold
When it feels like spring is never coming, to me these pictures are gold
they’re my screensaver and sometimes I just watch ‘em go by
Seeing friends smiling back at me, keeps me warm inside
CLICK -out of focus, CLICK - goofy grin
CLICK - that one’s awful, CLICK - eyes closed again
CLICK - I may not get it, CLICK - that’s a keeper!
Thanks for letting me take your picture, See, that wasn’t so bad.
You really like it? Sure I’ll send it. That really makes me glad.
I’ve got a camera, can I take your picture?
Track Name: Tom Prasada-Rao - The Blessing
A fine mist of snow paints a veil on the trees
I follow your footsteps as they fade in the leaves
Pinks turn to grey and the quiet surrounds me
A calmness has found me this cold winter’s day
And I will love you forever, my darling
Forever you’ll hold a place in my dreams
When the icy winds blow
It’s a blessing to know
Winter will turn into spring
The icicles form like the tears of the gods
They bow all the branches
Of the love that we lost
And I may bend, but love you can’t break me
Please don’t forsake me, I’m not one of them
And when I see you in the spotlight again
I will always remember how I loved you then
And how I love you still like the mockingbirds’ song
While the geese are returning, the day’s getting long
I trace the past to the place I once feared
Where the future’s so clear, I don’t have to ask
Track Name: Jeremiah Birnbaum - Devil's Gate
The Sun dies quick out on these plains
Smoke’s blowing from this bronco’s mouth, I grip the reins
I’ll get to Devil’s Gate before I sleep tonight
I’ve got to ride with all my might / This mochila I’m sworn to run
It’s stuffed with letters, a bible and a gun / Strapped to my leg a bowie knife
I will defend this knapsack with my life / I glide along these trails like a falcon in the sky
I’ll get this mail to California or I’ll die
Over the mountains with all the speed that I possess
I carry the pride of the Pony Express
In this bag there’s a letter the war’s begun
Union gave Ft. Sumter up, Confederates claim they’ve won
Gold from California will be the treasure that decides
This news will force them to takes sides / I miss my darling Eleanor
She’s back in Kansas bracing for a war
If I can keep on riding, and not end up lame or dead
I’ll have enough saved up, so we can finally wed
The Western Union line will be up before the snow
Then I’ll make my way home to Eleanor
The storm that’s coming is gonna rip this land apart
And change the life we knew before / I fear this horse is fading fast
Still 15 miles to Devil’s Gate, I pray she’ll last
Last month they found a rider froze
This wind is cold, can’t feel my fingers or my toes
I see the top of Devil’s Gate / I blow my horn to let Old Jim know not to wait
To get that fire burning bright / A few hours sleep, is all I’ll see tonight
Track Name: Matt Nakoa - Stormchaser
I can tell your silence is the calm before the storm
I can feel you closing down and boarding up your doors
Dark clouds rolling in, the air begins to hum
I’m just waiting on the thunder ‘cause I know that it will come
And I know that I would never leave when I am warned
Been running into the wind since the day I was born - a stormchaser
You’ve dug through the wreckage of a dozen other loves
You’ve come to expect it, that I’ll grab my things and run
‘Cause others heard the sirens, and they made for safer ground
Well maybe I’m just crazy, but I really love the sound
So blow until you’re broken, it’s your heart I want to see
Go on throw your fire and ice, it’s sun and snow to me
You’re sun and snow to me.
Track Name: Eric Schwartz - Angel on a Harley
Well my friend just lost the battle, left this world without a sound
A sermon and a limo ride, just put him in the ground
You can keep that long black Fleetwood
Lord hear me when I say
Just send an angel on a Harley when I face my dying day
Well the end ain’t always easy, and it sometimes takes a while
So here’s to all you angels who help us face it with a smile
If I have to see St. Peter, well please don’t make me wait
Just send an angel on a Harley to drive me straight
Through heaven’s gate
Some angels travel on gossamer wings
But this angel goes on a motor that sings
She knows all your demons, she’ll blow right on by
And set you down easy in your home in the sky
There’s all kind of angels, I expect I’ve met a few
But it takes a special kind of angel to fight the dark
When life is through
So surround me with my loved ones
And play some music where I lay
Track Name: David Buskin - Watery Grave
Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you a tale
Of a man who was born to the sea and the sail / I was the captain of a mighty, mighty ship / A thousand feet long from her tail to her tip/ The weather was clear on that January night / The course had been charted / The shore was in sight
When an uncharted rock, like a serpent of doom / Ripped a hole in her side, turned my ship to a tomb / When duty and honor meet darkness and fear
Where do you stand when your demons appear / The people on board trusted me to be brave / Thirty-two died in a watery grave / Thirty-two died in a watery grave
I was raised on stories, by men of the sea
Wondrous tales of courage and gallantry
And I was sure that if that moment ever came/I would join the legends, I would stake my claim / “Get back on board! screamed a voice from the deck / I’d abandoned my ship to save my own neck /“Get back on board” screamed my brain loud and clear/But I stood there watching, anchored by fear / Many years gone since my ship went down / I’ll live in this bottle ‘til I finally drown/Thirty-two died when their captain took flight It should have been me lying dead that night / “Get Back on board!” screams the voice in my mind/Each night when I see all the souls left behind / And the whiskey’s not working so well anymore There are ghosts that I see in each glass that I pour / When duty and honor meet darkness and fear / Which will you choose when the reckoning’s here
I always expected myself to be brave
While thirty-two lie in a watery grave
Track Name: Dan Navarro - I've Always Been Older Than Me
Can’t seem to remember being a kid
Didn’t like the music the other boys did
Sang Woody and Dylan and Bobbie McGee
Yeah, I’ve always been older than me
In school I’d get homework, but I’d write a song
I felt like my sentence was 4 years too long
‘Cause I had a vision my teachers couldn’t see
Yeah, I’ve always been older than me
Now growing up can be tough
When the years on the calendar are never enough
Like waiting on a train that keeps passing by
And the engineer’s waving goodbye
All the girls at my high school like boys on the team
They couldn’t fathom my musical dream
‘Cause I felt a love that those girls couldn’t see
Yeah, I’ve always been older than me
Now after a few more trips ‘round the sun
Maybe no one will notice I’m just 21
Age is just a number we can’t never see
And I’ve always been older than me
Track Name: Eric Schwartz - Crimson Paper
I stoke the fire, the sparks escape
I open the box, so worn and frayed
A bottle of your favorite wine
a toast to you, my Valentine
Crimson paper, words written in gold
Tell a tale of souls entwined
Cards in a heart-shaped candy box
I love you so, my Valentine
A card you gave me, all covered in stars
Inscribed “I love you with all my heart”
A photograph, your hand in mine
You’ll always be my Valentine
Cards from stores and cards you made
And cards that opened and music played
Cards with couplets of endless love
A sip of wine, a taste of blood
When did it go so wrong? When did you lose the fire?
You said we’d be forever. Didn’t you, Valentine?
How did it go so wrong? How did I lose my mind?
You promised me a lifetime, Didn’t you, Valentine?
The paper heart buried in your drawer
Words from another man that broke my heart forevermore
The look on your face as I laid you on the bed
The look on your face as you took your final breath
Track Name: Buskin & Batteau - I Saw Your Face
You were the window, you were the key to all of my dreams
I never would doubt you or live without you
That’s how it seemed
Then it became clear, that you and me here
It’s not meant to be
I was searching for words to set both of us free
Then I saw your face looking at me looking at you
It wasn’t the way I wanted to say I knew we were through
The look on my face was all that you needed to know it was true
When I saw your face looking at me
When I saw your face the first time my world exploded
And suddenly all I knew was you
Was it all just too good to be true
I’ve been wearing a mask each time you passed pretending to care
Time we got wise, opened our eyes, we’re beyond repair
No one can mend it, we didn’t intend it, it’s gone too far
We’re not who we were, we are who we are